Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Joining the blogosphere

Since I don't have a clue where I am supposed to start, I'll just jump straight in. I've resisted the blog world but can see that it's a great way to get your news out there and share your "stuff".

For me as a writer, that will mean my writing day and life, and my books. Today I'll focus on how and where I write.

I have a l-o-n-g desk across most of one wall with my notepads and story files and research folders at one end where I also keep pens. Lots of pens. I love pens. My favourite at the moment is Bic Atlantis 1.2 which gives a lovely thick and smooth writing flow. I fear that over the years my handwriting has grown scratchier so a thick point helps me at least decipher my own writing. The other end of my desk has laptop and printer. At the end is a filing cabinet.

Behind me is this wall of bookshelves - <sigh> - don't you just love books; and to one side is a floor length window that looks out onto my native garden. Note my trusty stepladder to reach everything.

I love holding a pen in my hand. I usually write some if not a fair percentage of each first novel draft on notepads with a pen. A challenge when writing a 400 page historical I can assure you. My creativity seems to flow at a slow steady pace and my hand can keep up with it. If I try to type straight onto the laptop, my fingers want to dash along at too fast a pace for my brain to keep up. Makes double work having to type it all up later, but it works for me. And I always say, whatever works for you, do it.

Because my time is my own these days, my writing day is pretty much every day. My morning starts off with breakfast and emails and getting my head around whatever needs to be done that day, writing-wise. My yearly goal is to write two books. For my next project/s, I've started writing Saga 1 of my Australian historical series, am researching Saga 2, and am also planning out storylines for three or four lots of series romance novels plus getting together some story ideas and character names for my medieval novel.

Next post, I'd love to talk about my books. Well, what author doesn't?

If anyone would care to comment about their writing or writing life, or the books they've read and loved - or even hated - please feel free to "chat".