Saturday, 26 January 2013

Book Giveaway Winner

I am delighted to announce that Teena Raffa-Mulligan is the winner of a free copy of LOVING LUCY. I will be sending off her book on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and was eligible to enter.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


For obvious reasons, an author's first published book will hold a special place in her heart. Mine, OUTBACK HERO, still a bestseller, is no exception. And I've been engrossed with my characters and their story in each one ever since. Whether an author is aware of it or not, in each of her novels, subconscious snippets creep in that have some connection with the setting or characters. I seem to become more attached with each new one I write.

LOVING LUCY was my 6th published novel in 2010 and originally released by Avalon Books in hardcover primarily for library distribution. When Amazon Publishing bought Avalon Books, this meant that acquired publisher's backlist will now enjoy a new lease of life in paperback and ebook compliments of Montlake Romance.

My heroine, Lucy McCarthy, started out fictional life variously as Laura then Lesley, until Lucy just seemed to fit. My hero, Flynn Pedersen, might have been Finn in an earlier incarnation I think because his heritage is Swedish but the setting was always going to be based on the small Victorian country hometown of my childhood, Murtoa.

To avoid readers contacting me and saying you didn't get this or that right, no matter how deep my research for accuracy or how well I personally know a place, I never use the real place names that form my major setting. I may mention real names in reference in my stories but not otherwise. Also, because they were the first people of Australia, I find I love the idea of aboriginal names and their euphonious sound. Hence, I arrived at Mundarra for the town in LOVING LUCY to replace Murtoa. After consulting the postcode book to make sure it didn't exist, I briefly considered the close variation of Murton but it didn't quite have the same pleasant ring.

Old Murtoa Railway Bridge
The town itself was adapted to fit the image in my mind. The lake in Mundarra is actually Marma Lake in Murtoa but slightly more romanticised for the story's needs. Although I did visualize the streetscape as being more substantial and based on the historic central Victorian gold mining town of Malden.

 My heroine, Lucy's, home address in Mundarra is 24 Deacon Street, actually my old home telephone number in the days of manual exchanges when you picked up the handset on the wall, wound the handle and rang the telephonist who would connect you to the number you requested. Thank goodness technology has moved on. We now live with a phone in our handbag or pocket.

I have recently realised that there seems to be a child or children in my novels. In LOVING LUCY, it is the hero's son, Joshua, and Lucy's Indonesian foster daughter, Maya, who she later adopts.

When Lucy McCarthy, a welfare worker in Indonesia with UNICEF, returns to Mundarra, Australia, for her father's funeral, she discovers he was not in fact her father and that she is disinherited in favor of an illegitimate brother. When her old high school boyfriend, Flynn Pedersen, supports her as she awaits the results of DNA tests and seeks the identity of her real father, their renewed friendship rekindles a former attraction. Knowing Lucy's commitment to her work with children because of her own unloved childhood, Flynn cannot ask her to stay with him in Mundarra and to not return to Indonesia. Can each set their pasts aside and learn to love again? 

LOVING LUCY will be released on 22 January 2013 on as a Montlake Romance in paperback and ebook. For the chance to win a FREE COPY - and we all love those - of the original hardback edition of LOVING LUCY, just leave a comment here and I will draw out a name this weekend to choose a winner.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Release

Great news. LOVING LUCY - originally published by Avalon Books in hardback - is due to be released as both a paperback and ebook on 22 January 2013 by Amazon Publishing. I will post confirmation and cover pic as soon as available.