Sunday, 24 February 2013


After a lot of work and eyestrain, I am delighted to announce that I have two new novels available for sale.
First, a modern romance -
" A cottage, a secret and a betrayal.
For Jennifer Hale, with a rebel sister and ailing mother, a cottage in the small Australian country town of Bundilla holds the key to a dream. Or more correctly, her mother's wish - as the wife of an itinerant minister - for a home of her own.
For city architect, Sam Keats, the cottage with its treasure of old letters and diaries unlocks a mystery stretching back to the Vietnam war, exposing long held family secrets and a betrayal of promises made.
From Australia to America and Malaysia, Jennifer and Sam must each confront their own ideals and personal restrictions to find the courage to open their hearts enough to build a possible future together."

I just love the cover of GRACE'S COTTAGE which exactly portrays the image I had in my mind of a white picket fence surrounding the subject of this story. You can buy GRACE'S COTTAGE as an Ebook in all formats from Smashwords or as a Kindle Ebook and paperback from Amazon. Many people still like to hold a book in their hands when they read and although I love my Kindle for bedtime reading, I'm also one of those who loves to snuggle into my favourite chair and become engrossed in a story. So I am delighted that this book is also available in paperback.

And secondly - drum roll - my new and first Australian saga -

"Young Scotsman, Duncan Penross, lands on the pioneering shores of the colony of Port Phillip in 1838. It is the dawn of the pastoral era in colonial Australia. Driven by a lust for women and fierce ambition in this rough man's world, he is determined to succeed, make a fortune and build an empire.
To this fledgling colony Isabelle Waring courageously emigrates from northern England to also forge a new life and is employed by Duncan Penross as his housekeeper.
With an eye to securing his dynasty, Duncan marries Isabelle to bear his sons. But his expectations do not develop as he planned. As his family grows, their lives and fates unfold with tragedy, struggles and always the hope of love.
As secrets and lies emerge, will Isabelle stay loyal or can she find happiness elsewhere?

From cottage to bluestone mansion with its flamboyant peacocks on the lawn, this engrossing new Australian saga is filled with the lives and passions of a pioneering pastoral family in the nineteenth century."

I love Australian history and am a bit of an addict when it comes to research so it was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience to trawl through countless tomes to authenticate the background for this historical novel set in the dawn of the pastoral era of the 1830s in the Western District of Victoria.
Again, I was delighted to find the perfect image that portrayed the flamboyance and wealth associated with strutting peacocks on a gracious homestead lawn and the solid and magnificent bluestone balustrade upon which it sits.
You can buy PEACOCKS ON THE LAWN as an Ebook for all formats from Smashwords and as both an Ebook and paperback from Amazon.
I hope you enjoy my latest stories and I always love to hear feedback from readers. Be kind.


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