Saturday, 17 May 2014

VALE - Mary Florence Elinor STEWART

Mary Stewart, well known for her romantic thrillers, born 12 September 1916 in Scotland died recently on 9 May 2014 at the age of 97.

Among her 24 published works, including an Arthurian trilogy, was a novel entitled "Touch Not The Cat". My husband was reading it while we were expecting our first child and by mutual agreement we named our daughter, Bryony, after the heroine in the novel.

Of her novel, "The Moon Spinners", I remember being enamoured of lovely Hayley Mills, my idol in my teens, who starred in the movie adaptation.

Here is one of many links paying tribute to best selling novelist Mary Stewart.
Further down the article, there is a 25 minute video interview during which she mentions that, in her writing, she often started with setting and then "shoved a few people in and let them get on with it". Delightful.

She also considered, "I don't think anything in writing comes easily". Regarding her descriptive passages, she felt they took the most painful writing. "I can take a fortnight on a paragraph."

Too true. Sometimes those words do emerge rather slowly. But she leaves behind a shelf full of wonderful literature for us all to read.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Really pleased to announce that People's Friend have bought WHISPERS ON THE PLAINS for a Pocket Novel to be released on 31 July. It is the first volume in my Nash family series; features spirited red haired Irish heroine, Meghan Dorney, and sexy widowed hero, Dusty Nash; and is set in Australia's largest state of Western Australia on a wheat property in the Golden Mid West.

The second volume in the Nash family series, BENEATH AN OUTBACK SKY, relates Dusty's sister, Sophie's, story getting to know quietly handsome geologist, Dr. Charlie Kendall. It is almost finished in the rewriting and will be out under submission soon. It is set in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia on a sheep station.

The outback mid west of Western Australia is best seen in September as when I was there ten years ago for a 30th anniversary road trip. Both that region and and the road between Normanton and Esperance in the south were literally carpeted with wildflowers. Apologies for the poor quality photos with an older camera.

This is exactly the type of country my heroine Meghan would have seen. It's just glorious. Wall to wall wildflowers. A magnificent sight. I am so pleased to share my country with readers worldwide.