Saturday, 7 March 2015

A GENTLEMAN'S BRIDE - new historical romance eBook release

This year has tumbled along in a rush so far and I've not posted anything on my blog yet. My bad. But I have been working and writing.  And even when you're not, you're thinking. January saw me scribbling away on my junior novel. I plotted better, wrote more, changed scenes around. As you do. And I feel it's a better work for all the thinking, reshuffling and rewriting. Besides, it's my first junior novel effort so it's an experiment of sorts really.

How did I detour temporarily from romance and women's fiction to a middle grade novel? Well, all I can say is Dreamstime and iStockphoto have a lot to answer for. I was searching for book covers for my next romance trilogy [which I did find - eventually - all utterly lovely and centred around windows]. You know how it can take hours seeking that perfect but elusive image and you can get rather sidetracked? So I became hopelessly sucked into some fabulous images that weren't really suitable as romance book covers. They were more for younger readers. With gorgeous elements and depictions of fantasy. So my fertile mind wandered and before I knew it I had spent days on expanding my thoughts and plotting out the basics of what I thought would be a series of 5 books but which I have now realised will ultimately become individual stories in their own right. Or should that be write

February of necessity meant progressing with a genealogy project  - everything has its time - but now March is ahead and I'm back into writing. Well, promo anyway for starters.

My latest news is the release of my Australian historical romance, A GENTLEMAN'S BRIDE, as an eBook. It is already available as a paperback and was originally published as Barratt's Run in 2012.

Although the story begins in Devon, England, it ventures halfway around the world, briefly settles in Melbourne and continues in the foothills of the blue and craggy Grampians mountains of Western Victoria close to where I live. In the 1860s when my story is set this was early pastoral country grazing merino sheep on vast runs by pioneering men who often built an empire. My hero James Barratt is one such man and heroine Anne Gray is the independent redhead who captures his jaded heart.

Anne Gray is forced to marry for the chance of a better life. Until she learns the truth about her cruel husband, flees Devon and escapes to Australia.
James Barratt emigrated from Sussex to Australia to make his fortune. Jilted, he vowed never to fall in love again and takes a mistress.
In Australia, Anne changes her name and answers James' advertisement for a wife. But her blossoming romance is short lived when her past returns to haunt her. Can Anne resolve her future and will the real and shocking truth of her past life finally be uncovered?

Do check it out here on Amazon or here on Smashwords in all eBook formats. If you think it sounds like your kind of read, feel free to snap it up and buy it.